Prototype is the term used for a test machine, or any other item of evidence created for demonstration purposes. It also allows testing  the design of new products before they are put into mass production. Problems or deficiencies in the design of products can thus be detected and corrected. When the prototype is sufficiently refined and meets the functionality, solidity, feasibility and other design goals, the product is ready for production.

Our modelling division has a long tradition of handicraft production and attention to details, applied to an industrial concept. Thanks to our experience, we produce prototypes and maquettes on demand, either handmade or with the use of CNC machines.
Applied materials  for our various models:

- urea resins
- epoxy and polyurethane resins
- polystyrene
- wood

Size of models to be manufactured are certainly not a problem: from a bicycle saddle or a whole car, a chair up to a boat, we will always offer the best solutions.
Prototyping allows important observations on the current project.