1911 - The company is established

The company was founded in 1911 as a craft workshop for the production of leather upholstery for draught and trotting horses as well as canvas and tarpaulins for civilian use and transportation.

1950 - After the Second World War ...

After World War II Cinghificio Ruberti was established for the production of leather transmission belts. In the same years first approaches with the automotive industry were taking figure, with the production of door pull belts, curtains and wall panels for truck doors.

1970 - Big changes ...

Cinghificio Ruberti began a process of modernization through:
Introduction of new technologies such as vacuum thermoforming and high-frequency electrowelding.
Reorganization plan, acquiring an industrial area of 15,000 square meters and starting the construction of a new plant.
Spreading of business units that geared the implantation of modern manufacturing technology like poliurethanes foaming, alongside the traditional thermoforming of thermoplastics. During these years the main customers are OM Suzzara, OM Brescia and FIAT Trucks. During the same period Cinghificio Ruberti, a family-run company is first transformed in Ruberti Snc and later in Ruberti SpA.

1990 - Customized services...

Ruberti SpA, sensing the need to offer more integrated services and at the same time sensing the importance of using electronics in its products, decide to:
- create a R&D department dedicated both to technical soluzions, design research and development to assist customers on product realization.
- acquire a company in the electronics industry, MasterTech Srl, which designs and manufactures electronic components and wiring.
- begin certification of its industrial procedures,obtaining initially ISO9001 Certification then followed by ISO 14001 Certification.
Ruberti Firma, a commercial business unit of Ruberti SpA, is created to market Ruberti's own products, all of them conceived, designed and produced in the factory.

2010 - New challenges for the future..

Ruberti SpA takes the chance to provide new opportunities to its clients introducing a new technology using spray polyurethane by Krauss Maffei as well as a new production unit.
Ruberti Firma disappears as commercial business unit of Ruberti SpA, while new specific business units as Industrial Branches are created the aim to market their products, totally designed and produced inside the company.

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