What is your activity?

Ruberti, a leading company as designer and manufacturer of plastic products, present now itself as a partner in global management of “supplies condition”, such as polyurethane components, thermoformed products, metal sheets, metal profiles, electrical and electronic components.

How much does it cost to have a mould made?

You can use different technologies depending on the type and shape of product to manufacture;  we propose different types of moulds studyng an estimate pricing offer before starting works. Cost of mould is directly proportional to the product type, applied technology and mass production forecast volume.

Which is the minimum quantity to order?

We do not impose minimum order quantities. Sometimes special products will need a customized order to our suppliers requiring a MOQ  but, in order to avoid this need, usually we try to use our stock supplies. Of course a better price will be obtained on bigger quantities, in wich case tooling spread costs can be optimized.

Which materials do you normally use?

We use a wide range of different materials, depending on which technology is applied. When we reach a minimum quantity  order to grant productivity, we do not put any limit to possibilities and creativity.

which are your past and present operating sectors?

We mainly operate in these sectors: automotive, medical devices, beauty and wellness machines, videogames industry, vending machines, furniture, industrial electronics. Also, production of components for earth-moving machines, agricultural machinery, trimming  machines, coverings for refrigerated table-bars, food trolleys. For the marine industry we produce from simple portholes, internal finishings till complex custom housing for console switchboards. Many more sector industries may still find an innovative solution in Ruberti SpA.

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